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The company SigmaPak is a private Polish company with Polish capital. Since the very beginning of its existence, the company entered the market of film packaging confidently.

Packagings are our passion, the company SigmaPak bases its activity on 15-year experience of its founders. We produce according to the orders from small and larger enterprises, as well as for individual customers. Our products are customised and meet customer’s needs. We are flexible which allows us to adjust the products to the broad range of recipients.

Our products are manufactured from high quality raw materials, and our employees are precise and careful in order to meet our customers’ tastes.

The heart of the company is the production department. The production takes place in the professionally equipped machinery park under the eye of qualified staff. We keep broadening our industry expertise and expanding our machinery stock. It enables us to increase the capacity constantly and gives our customers the guarantee of the highest quality products.

We offer you the broad possibilities for cooperation, favourable settlement conditions and competitive prices! We hope that thanks to cooperation with our company, your product will be packed as well as possible. To whom they still do not know us we present our offer with pleasure. We trust that its variety and attractiveness will help us start the cooperation.

Thank you for your interest. We invite you for getting familiar and starting cooperation with our company: we will help you select the best packaging both in economic and qualitative terms. Being open to any suggestions and flexible in negotiations, we remain at your disposal.


Our company works with the awareness that we are a part of nature and by destroying and neglecting its rights – we destroy ourselves!

We have paid attention for the need of environment protection and we introduced the collection and recycling of film wastes in our company. Together with the civilisation development, the quantity of produced packagings is growing and it is followed by the amount of waste materials and the necessity for their selection and recycling. The necessity of natural environment protection does not result only from the fashion for ecology, which slowly reaches Poland, but first of all from the increasing awareness that we should contribute to saving what we found.

Film pouches are the material which is excellent for recycling. The film pouch is built out of ecologically pure polymers of polyethylene or polypropylene. The polymer is a linear chain of carbon and hydrogen atoms so the products of pouch decomposition and combustion are ecologically clean, their combustion contributes to creation of solely omnipresent-in-the-environment components: carbon dioxide and water. The raw material which arises from burnt or pressed pouches has a very wide application; among the others in production of new rubbish bags, plastic boxes, plastic bags, fences etc. Moreover, the film waste material is high calorific fuel with calorific value equal to crude oil; and no poisonous gases are emitted in the combustion process.

We choose film packagings because they are hygienic and ecological. Hygienic – because disposable film pouch is aseptic i.e. it enables to pack even raw meat, fruit or eggs. Ecological – because the production of film pouch is practically waste-free and not harmful to the environment. Each film pouch is recyclable material; in addition, the used film bag may be served as rubbish bag.

The film pouches do not live in forest, do not go for a walk, do not dive, do not play in the playground, do not suffocate animals. They are too thin for that. So let’s do everything to help a film pouch go to a proper place – a container with plastic and allow it to be born again.


Our company has at its disposal the production equipment which allow us to manufacture the products meeting even the most demanding requirements of our customers. We make every effort that raw materials used in the production of our goods come from proven producers, are characterised with the best quality and have proper certificates confirming their safety while producing the packagings. Our priority is the high quality and customer’s satisfaction.

The products offered by us have both certificates and declarations of conformity. The crucial thing for us is to get know the requirements and needs of a given customer -then we can offer the solution enabling to pack a given product. The technologies and innovations applied allow us to realise highly customised orders. Depending on customers’ needs we are able to develop and offer the solutions which are not available as the standard offer.

While realising the orders we ensure that the final product is characterised with the high quality parameters and the highest standards.


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